Terms & Conditions

By registering , Customer agrees to abide by the following Soothee Pte Ltd terms of use as follows :
1. Customer shall mean a person registering to use this platform and is also an individual looking for a therapists to perform massage at his/her home or his/ her specified location ( the home or destination hereafter named as the “premises” ) .

2. Therapists shall mean the massager providing massage service to the customer at to his/her premises.

3.Therapists is a freelance or independent individual and is not under the employ of Soothee Pte Ltd who uses his/her free time to serve customer at customer’s premises to earn a living.

 4. Soothee Pte Ltd (in short “ Soothee”) role between therapists and customer is only in the capacity of providing a platform for therapists and customer to connect together to serve and to be served respectively on a willing seller willing buyer basis.

5. Soothee in providing this media platform charges a fee from the Therapists to help connect to the customer to provide the massage service.

6. To the extent reasonably possible , Soothee shall use reasonable effort to conduct due deligence , screening and skills testing ( if required) of therapists before registration approval.

7. In using this platform , and accepting our terms and conditions , Customer unreservedly and fully indemnifies Soothee Pte Ltd against all foreseeable or unforeseeable claims or damages , in whatsoever form or manner or structure. as a result of using this platform or as a result of misconduct on the part of the therapists.

8. Customer agrees and understand that Soothee will uphold ethical business conduct and abide by the law in Singapore and therefore do not condone any illegal or vice activities during the course of using the platform .

9. Customer agrees and accepts that the therapists are normal decent human being earning a living through this platform using their free time , and shall therefore accord to them the due respect as a fellow human being and professionalism in their work.