About Us

Soothee ( pronounced as “ Soothe thee”) means soothing you.

Soothee is a Home Massage and Hotel Room Massage Servce or Outcall Massage Service that  connects you with our certified massage  therapists who come directly to the comfort of your home or hotel room . It is simply convenience and personal care delivered right to your doorsteps.

All the therapists comes with wealth of experience in delivering the finest body massage services to you . Each are carefully vetted and screened in terms of massage skills and look before they are approved for going into the field.

A session with our body massage  therapists generally begins with the soothing of the spirit and emotion as well as the body – the only source of light will be from aromatic candles, to relax your eyes and calm you, and carefully chosen ambient music to relieve your ears. All that remains is undisturbed by anything and what follows involve unique variations of the technique depending on the wellness service chosen.

Choice of our Standard  or Premium Relaxing Body Massage, Deep Tissue Body Massgr  or Aromatherapy Body Massage  for individuals or couples massage.

We invite clients to indulge your senses for a enriched, natural and soothing massage experience with us. Couples massage are available. 

Come enjoy our highly rated  and one of the best-in-class home massage and hotel room massage service ( or outcall massage)  like many other satisfied customers who have done so.

Overseas client can book in advance.